4 Essentials for Successful Twitter Marketing

With well over 100 million users, Twitter is the 2nd most popular social media network on the Internet. Twitter has become a favored marketing tool to stay in close communication with a network of followers by “tweeting” short messages on a regular basis. Building a dedicated following is a goal for any Twitter marketing campaign. Here a 4 essentials for successful twitter marketing.

Twitter Marketing Essential #1 – Be Timely

Twitter is all about quick, short, messages. It is essential to be timely. Respond to new follower, direct messages, and tweets within 24 hours. When someone mentions you, or re-tweets your tweet, let them know you appreciate it. But be timely. Waiting too long can hurt the relationship. Your goal is to have your message go viral and you need a good network of followers to achieve this goal.

There are quite a few twitter applications that will let track your mentions, re-tweets, keywords, and even schedule your outgoing tweets. I’m not here to promote any in particular, and each has subtle advantages, so do a little research. Here’s a few to start with: Tweetbeep, Twitter Alerts, TweetLater, Tweetdeck, and SocialOomph. You won’t need to make any financial commitments and you won’t need to spend your time watching the Twitter feed to see what’s going on out there in Twitter-land.

Twitter Marketing Essential #2 – Make it Personal

Never forget, business is personal. If you’re an entrepreneur growing a small business, it is essential to use your twitter marketing campaign to promote yourself and your product or service, at a personal level. It’s ok, and even advisable to tweet general, promotional information. It’s even OK to tweet positive messages. But in the end, your goal is to make a personal connection with you followers, and hopefully they promote you by re-tweeting and mentioning you their followers. To achieve this goal you’ll need to make your twitter marketing personal. Message, or tweet, followers directly when you have something unique that they can benefit from. Develop your relationship with your followers by thanking anyone who mentions or re-tweets you. Also, send a direct message to new followers, thanking them for doing so. Keep in mind that not every tweet needs to be a pitch. Build personal relationships.

Twitter Marketing Essential #3 – Be Informative

It’s tough to squeeze a lot into just 140 characters. With twitter marketing campaigns it is essential to keep it brief, and keep it informative. Think of your tweet as a newspaper headline. You need to capture your audience, get them interested in reading your post for more information, and convince them there is value in reading on. All this in only 140 characters. You need to position yourself as the “go to” source in your niche. In doing so, you’ll want to turn conversations public so others can see that you are a respected resource. Include all your followers (when appropriate) in your thank you when someone re-tweets or mentions you. This will help you promote yourself as a leader in your niche. But, don’t just say thanks. No one will know what you’re thanking them for and no one will have the time or interest to research the thread of communication. Instead, thank them for mentioning your product or brand. This will create a natural and casual mention of your product or brand and let all your followers know that you are the right resource to turn to.

Twitter Marketing Essential #4 – Be Social

Twitter is a social network, so be sociable. Don’t constantly send promotional or spam tweets. Use tweets to create a relationship and build a loyal following. Leverage your network by mentioning others. Follow other Twitter users outside your niche. When you like something they say, re-tweet it. By doing this, you will not necessarily be promoting your direct competitors, and you will have the opportunity to expand your market reach well beyond your group of followers. Smart users will reciprocate this and mention or re-tweet you as well. Remember, twitter marketing is a tool to develop relationships with the context of a social network.

Twitter Marketing Essentials

Many internet and social marketers rush out to join Twitter, and then wonder what to do with it. Twitter marketing takes time, but can be an effective tool in your marketing campaign. You’ll need to build a following which, in the beginning, will require you to follow others in the same niche. Soon you’ll begin to expand your reach and in time you’ll attract a large pool of people interested in your product or brand. Remember, Twitter is just a tool. You’ll need to support your twitter marketing efforts through other means, such as Facebook and blogging, to name two.

Postcard Marketing Done Right

Say it with a post card. A well designed, colorful, high impact postcard in the mail box of your prospect is your best ticket to a new customer. For your existing customer, a marketing campaign which includes frequent post cards is the perfect start to new sales – this is one of the key small business marketing strategies.

For the recipient:

o You don’t have to open a post card!

o You see it right away, the bright picture is not hidden from view by an envelope.

o The message leaps right out and you can’t ignore it or throw it in the trash unopened (the fate of many bulk mail pieces).

For the marketer:

o Save money. You can mail a post card 1st class for less than the cheapest letter rate.

o No stuffing required.

Postcards win out on all counts.

Check out the following case study.

Here is what one successful postcard marketer had to say:

“The immediate result was many times more than we had expected and we even had to reduce the number of postcards going out each week because we had more calls than we could handle. We’ve always heard that a 1-2% response is considered very good for a mailing but we are getting at least triple that amount!

To give you some idea, the first week’s mailing went out to our oldest customer account, most of whom hadn’t done business with us for over a year. The first week after the post cards went out we got a 3% response on those accounts. And 6 weeks later we are still getting calls from those accounts.

I also know that it takes time for the response to build and just this past week, the 6th or 7th week since we started mailing the post cards, we increased from the 23 calls in per hour average we saw at the beginning of this month to 45 calls per hour in at the end of the month.

That’s almost 900 calls in per week more than just 4 weeks ago.

We’re already planning our next post card mailing and are quite certain that this was one of the best investments in promotion to our existing customers we have ever made.” -Ron Nedd at Kevis Rejuvenation Programs, Inc., Beverly Hills, California

Now that is postcard marketing done right!

What is the Engine That Drives Growth of Your Network Marketing Business Online?

Content.A lot of people get on the internet trying to market their MLM business, and they misunderstand the fundamental factor that controls the success of online business.If you wanted to break the success of any online enterprise down into a couple of core factors, it would be unique, original, valuable CONTENT and copyrighting skill of the marketer on the internet.Now, there are a handful of people reading this that know what I mean, and there are also a bunch that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. By content – I simply mean information, whether it is articles, videos, podcasts, or other original material on a website.Content is the engine that drives traffic on all of the search engines – and original content is what keeps your business having loyal subscribers over a long period of time.Copyrighting skill is the ability that you have to influence people through your content. For example – I’ve taught a lot of people how to generate leads through article marketing, and I have a lot of people who have been very successful with writing and syndicating articles.However, I’ve also had people that have created massive amounts of information and gotten almost no leads at all. What’s the difference? It’s the ability to move people with words.Whether you’re in network marketing, direct sales, or simply are trying to sell an e-book online, it really isn’t any different – it is the value, and the unique and original information that you create that will determine your ability to make money on the internet.You might be asking – ‘Ok – so how do I start?’Creating information is easy – all you do is learn something, and then rephrase it in your own words. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to buy as many courses, audio programs, and video trainings that you can – because you can learn a skill, and then make money by teaching the skill to others.Let me give you a quote that I just made up: “Learn to create.”What do I mean? Well, don’t plagiarize, but if you learn something and rephrase it in your own words, with your own stories – you become a teacher at the same time that you are learning, and your business will move forward ten times faster.You might have an area of expertise that really sets you apart. Maybe you’re good at writing, singing, entertaining, making funny videos, selling, closing, building relationships – it could be anything. What you want to do is weave your core expertise into all of the content you create – that way it is ABSOLUTELY original and as powerful as you can possibly make it.If there is something that will impact your online network marketing business more than anything else that you could possibly do – I would advise you to create one new piece of content per day, and study information that will help you learn how to influence people with your words. If you’ve got more original information than your competition – you’ll win almost every time if you have a few skills.Let’s do it – and make this year the best year that you’ve ever had in business.