Direct Response Copywriting – What Is the Big Idea? (It Is More Important Than You Think)

While it is true that people buy for emotional reasons and justify their decision with logical reasons. They also read ads to satisfy their curiosity. Especially when you pique their interest with a new and engaging idea.

The idea that Dove has one quarter moisturising cream so it won’t dry your skin out like soap can is actually a really intriguing idea.

To anyone who is looking for an alternative to traditional soap this idea of lather themselves in moisturising cream is very emotionally appealing. But the part I want to stay focused on right now us actually the idea.

The idea that the alternative is better than soap. It implies a better way – it will get someone curious enough to read the ad. Think back to the really early Ogilvy and Mather ads for Dove to understand what I am talking about. They were written by Ogilvy when he was at his most productive and did some of his best copywriting.

I have deliberately used a really simple example here. If you look at a lot of financial newsletter/ trading programs they all exploit the concept of a big idea brilliantly.

Many times it is a variation on the theme of “I have cracked a financial market” Such as the share market, commodities market or options market. They elaborate with “I know an exact system that brings order to an otherwise random and baffling thing” – the share market.

To anyone who is an active investor the idea that there is order to the financial markets is very appealing. They want to know more. They want to understand how somebody found a way to create this perfect system.

In this case there is added emotional appeal to the idea. The exact system implies that you can predict the stock market and therefore you’ll have an inside track to making big profits. The big benefit is implied.

If you combine a big idea with a strong emotional appeal in your copy, the opening of your copy will be much more compelling. As a result your response will be much higher than if you have only a strong emotional appeal in your opening paragraphs.

Many copywriters treat their readers as one dimensional. A ball of emotion, driven by either fear or greed. Only the most cynical of us think of the ‘real’ people in our lives this way. When you write copy you are dealing with the same real people you are trying to build a relationship with. So treat them as real people and they’ll reward you with more sales and better patronage.

The first thing you can do to more deeply engage your reader is to create a use a really compelling idea. An idea that will get your reader to stop and take notice of your promotion. Then introduce other related ideas through out the body copy.