Home Business Idea – Starting Your Own Direct Mailing Business

Direct mailing is one method of marketing that is commonly use by companies or individual to advertise their business. Although Online marketing has made a major impact on advertising industry, many business owners find conventional marketing tool like Direct mailing still appealing for some reasons.

Direct mailing is a way which business owners promote their products or services by mailing printed ads to a large group of consumer. It is a cheap way to advertise a business and has good potential to reach prospect buyers. With Direct mailing, your printed ads are slip in consumers’ mailbox, putting it right in their hands at the time they likely will pay attention to it.

Many business owners would love the idea of cost cutting especially when it involves advertising expenses. Small business owners in particular, are very much on the look for any low cost method of reaching their targeted market. Looking at the situation, I believe offering those small business owners a less-expensive way to expose their business would be a great move.

I have been thinking of this one home business idea. What if I start my own direct mailing service? Since I already know some friends who own small businesses, I might as well ask them to be my clients and probably they will talk about my service to their other small business owner friends. I have done a brief research on this topic, and found out that starting a direct mailing business does not need a huge sum of money.

Here are the things that I will need to start my own direct mailing service:

  • Computer
  • Color printer
  • Paper cutter
  • Easy to use Design software
  • Paper in different sizes
  • 2 0r 3 part-time helpers

I may not need to employ part time helpers; my family members would be available for that job. They should be able to help me with cutting papers and distributing ads. And of course, I would consider employing full time helpers if there is an increase in demand.

As we all have seen, more people are interested to become the home business guy; they need to promote their products but they want to go on a low budget. Thus, introducing a complete range of direct mailing service as a powerful marketing tool for them could never be a bad idea. All I will need to do is to convince these business owners that I am helping them in term of cost saving and time.