How Direct Mail Marketing Brings a Personal Touch to Your Business

It seems like every time you turn around these days someone else is standing on a street corner screaming about how important it is to bring a personal touch to your business clients. Ironic, when you consider the fact that the anonymity of corporate America has ruled the seas for years. Now, even big business is realizing how important it is to connect with their customers on a personal level using both direct sales and direct mail marketing rather than relying on mass marketing and luck to keep them afloat.How “Old School” Used to Do ItSomehow, the phrase “kicking it old school” hasn’t gone out of style. It may, however, if businesses continue trying to develop a personal connection with their neighbors the old fashioned way! See, once upon a time, if you wanted to touch base with the guy down the street and see if you had something he might want all you had to do was strap on your walking boots. Businesses have come a long way since then!How long would it take you to personally meet, wine and dine every business owner in your area? A day? Two? The better part of the next year? The bottom line is, building your network “old school” simply isn’t practical anymore. Today’s business has to be savvy enough to make use of mass marketing methods while still maintaining a targeted marketing campaign and proving to their clientele that they’re the right choice for personalized service.Enter Your Direct Mail Marketing CampaignThere are plenty of people who say that the direct mail marketing campaign is dead. People get too much junk mail, you’re lucky to get a 10% customer response rate, etc., etc. It’s true that people get plenty of direct mail marketing materials in their mailboxes every single day of the week, and those numbers include your local businesses. What they’re not telling you is that companies whose direct mail marketing materials aren’t getting read are the ones that are out there doing it wrong!If a direct mail marketing piece landing in your mailbox with a catchy cover image and a hook on the front that spoke directly to you, wouldn’t you want to read it? Of course you would. Why? Because it’s something that was created especially for you.It’s not just another piece of junk mail. It’s something that was mailed by someone with your best interests in mind.If you can use the right content in your direct mail marketing pieces to make your customers think that, you’ve already got the tools you need to build an “old school” connection with a new breed of business.