Home Business Idea – Starting Your Own Direct Mailing Business

Direct mailing is one method of marketing that is commonly use by companies or individual to advertise their business. Although Online marketing has made a major impact on advertising industry, many business owners find conventional marketing tool like Direct mailing still appealing for some reasons.

Direct mailing is a way which business owners promote their products or services by mailing printed ads to a large group of consumer. It is a cheap way to advertise a business and has good potential to reach prospect buyers. With Direct mailing, your printed ads are slip in consumers’ mailbox, putting it right in their hands at the time they likely will pay attention to it.

Many business owners would love the idea of cost cutting especially when it involves advertising expenses. Small business owners in particular, are very much on the look for any low cost method of reaching their targeted market. Looking at the situation, I believe offering those small business owners a less-expensive way to expose their business would be a great move.

I have been thinking of this one home business idea. What if I start my own direct mailing service? Since I already know some friends who own small businesses, I might as well ask them to be my clients and probably they will talk about my service to their other small business owner friends. I have done a brief research on this topic, and found out that starting a direct mailing business does not need a huge sum of money.

Here are the things that I will need to start my own direct mailing service:

  • Computer
  • Color printer
  • Paper cutter
  • Easy to use Design software
  • Paper in different sizes
  • 2 0r 3 part-time helpers

I may not need to employ part time helpers; my family members would be available for that job. They should be able to help me with cutting papers and distributing ads. And of course, I would consider employing full time helpers if there is an increase in demand.

As we all have seen, more people are interested to become the home business guy; they need to promote their products but they want to go on a low budget. Thus, introducing a complete range of direct mailing service as a powerful marketing tool for them could never be a bad idea. All I will need to do is to convince these business owners that I am helping them in term of cost saving and time.

5 Best Profitable Mobile Marketing for Business Strategies

A competitive edge is what businesses are looking for in today’s market. This is where mobile marketing for business comes in. Mobile marketing is an essential tool especially when you are looking to drive traffic to your online business site.

Getting your traffic Share

There are several modes of operation of mobile marketing for business. These include click to call, click to map, and SMS texting and push notifications. By integrating mobile technology into your site, you not only reach your clients more quickly but you also get to more people faster than any other marketing method and at a fraction of the huge cost encountered when you use other marketing strategies.

1. Click to Call

Click to call is more or less the integration of a call button on your site page. This call button allows customers to call you from anywhere in the world. The click to call button can also be a gateway to chatting online or texting one on one with the interested client. It is a great way of promoting products or the services that you provide in real time. Click to call works two ways. The client can either request a call from the company or call the company through a number that is usually present on the web page.

Click to call has another more engaging feature called the video chat. This feature enables you to see the person you are chatting with and some advanced chatting systems will allow you to navigate the web page with the client and co-fill the required fields. An advantage of video chatting is the real time rapport that is created with the client when they enquire about your products or services. Probably the most notable feature of CTC, or click to call, is the accuracy in getting the required target group to better know what to expect from your business.

2. Click to Map

CTM, OR Click to map is a marketing strategy that employs software targeted at mobile users which aids in the creation of maps quickly and easily. Mapping is a great way of advertising the location of your physical business. It shows the exact location of your business and any other branches that your business has. In this way, your customers can locate your business without having to ask for directions, which may in turn make several, would be customers to ignore the seeming hassle.

3. SMS Text Messaging

SMS text messaging gives you the platform of interacting with your customers from your virtual office directly to their phones. By sending a short code to the willing customers, you acquire their cell number and it is automatically stored in your system database. The database storage system comes integrated into the software used for mobile advertising. SMS’s advertise directly to your target audience. About 100 million SMS’s per month are said to be sent out to potential clients in the European market alone in the attempt to advertise.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications work like SMS but since it makes use of internet bandwidth, it is a free tool in mobile marketing business. It is cost effective but the disadvantage is that the end-user has the option of turning the application off. This will bar any future notifications from reaching him. Such notifications are turned off because they tend to interfere with activities that the phone user was using thus coming off as a nuisance when they are only an attempt at advertising.

5. QR Codes

These are codes sent to mobile operators from the internet. They come in handy because they have the potential of tracking sources that are offline in just the same way that they help analyze the tracking data on the online platforms.

Because of its property of user-controlled advertising, the consumer does not find it bothersome to receive texts on an occasional basis from the advertising company. This is because the interaction is initialed by the user and he can decide not to receive any more ads anytime he so chooses.

Mobile marketing for business is a niche in online marketing that has allowed millions of potential clients, access to products and services that would have otherwise been difficult to locate or find. Mobile marketing for business comes with the promise of getting a good targeted mobile to your place of business.

What is the Engine That Drives Growth of Your Network Marketing Business Online?

Content.A lot of people get on the internet trying to market their MLM business, and they misunderstand the fundamental factor that controls the success of online business.If you wanted to break the success of any online enterprise down into a couple of core factors, it would be unique, original, valuable CONTENT and copyrighting skill of the marketer on the internet.Now, there are a handful of people reading this that know what I mean, and there are also a bunch that have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. By content – I simply mean information, whether it is articles, videos, podcasts, or other original material on a website.Content is the engine that drives traffic on all of the search engines – and original content is what keeps your business having loyal subscribers over a long period of time.Copyrighting skill is the ability that you have to influence people through your content. For example – I’ve taught a lot of people how to generate leads through article marketing, and I have a lot of people who have been very successful with writing and syndicating articles.However, I’ve also had people that have created massive amounts of information and gotten almost no leads at all. What’s the difference? It’s the ability to move people with words.Whether you’re in network marketing, direct sales, or simply are trying to sell an e-book online, it really isn’t any different – it is the value, and the unique and original information that you create that will determine your ability to make money on the internet.You might be asking – ‘Ok – so how do I start?’Creating information is easy – all you do is learn something, and then rephrase it in your own words. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a good idea to buy as many courses, audio programs, and video trainings that you can – because you can learn a skill, and then make money by teaching the skill to others.Let me give you a quote that I just made up: “Learn to create.”What do I mean? Well, don’t plagiarize, but if you learn something and rephrase it in your own words, with your own stories – you become a teacher at the same time that you are learning, and your business will move forward ten times faster.You might have an area of expertise that really sets you apart. Maybe you’re good at writing, singing, entertaining, making funny videos, selling, closing, building relationships – it could be anything. What you want to do is weave your core expertise into all of the content you create – that way it is ABSOLUTELY original and as powerful as you can possibly make it.If there is something that will impact your online network marketing business more than anything else that you could possibly do – I would advise you to create one new piece of content per day, and study information that will help you learn how to influence people with your words. If you’ve got more original information than your competition – you’ll win almost every time if you have a few skills.Let’s do it – and make this year the best year that you’ve ever had in business.