How to Find the Best Direct Sales Companies Opportunities

Whether you are just planning to supplement your income from your existing job or looking for a viable source of income to replace your current job, joining and taking advantage of the best direct sales companies opportunities and marketing their products can be a lucrative way of earning a living. In a more technical sense, a direct sales company sells, products or services, usually something that is unique and is not readily available in the market, and distributes these products or services to the public through independent distributors.

The key thing here in these best direct sales companies opportunities is that the company, instead of paying third-party retailers and distributors, would give the commission to their independent distributors. That is why direct selling has been one of the most viable sources of income for home based business owners and entrepreneurs.

The following provides tips and suggestions on how to find the best direct sales companies opportunities where you can be a part of and go into this lucrative business for yourself.

* Choose a Niche Where You Are Passionate About the Products

One of the main keys to being a success in direct sales is that the independent distributor should believe and be passionate about the product. You will not be a success if you do not even enjoy nor even believe in the product or service itself. The first thing to consider when choosing the right company is that the product or services they are offering should be something that you enjoy doing or something that is close to your heart.

If you enjoy home improvement products then you should be involve in a niche specializing in these items. If you’re into health and wellness, then choose a company that offers genuine health products that really works. Focusing in a particular niche where you are familiar and comfortable with is the first step to being a success and taking advantage of the best direct sales companies opportunities.

* Choose a Good Company in Your Niche of Choice

If you have decided on an industry and a particular niche in that industry then the next step is to identify a good and viable direct sales companies operating in that particular niche. The important consideration here is to decide whether you want to join an established company with a reputable name and product, or if you want to try your chances and be one of the first distributors in a start-up direct sales company.

The advantage in an established company is that the product may be familiar and trusted by people however, your chances of dominating the niche may be more difficult since there are already several distributors who are in place ahead of you. On the other hand, getting involved in a new direct sales company can increase your chances of earning more. However, people may not be familiar with the product and would be doubtful in getting the product for themselves. In any case, there are several techniques on how to break these barriers in direct selling and it would be best to study them.

* Choose a Sponsor Who You Will be Working With

Another key thing as part of the finding the best direct sales companies opportunities available is to work with a sponsor that you would be comfortable with. You can work with someone local so it would be easy for you to meet regularly, or you can work with someone you know from another state. The key thing here is that you get the proper training that you will need to be a success in this business.

Finding the best direct sales companies opportunities is the first and most important step for an individual trying to penetrate the wonderful world of having a personal business in direct sales. However, this would entail careful planning and study before jumping in and committing yourself to the business.

Engagement Marketing Will Boost Your Sales

Traditional marketing approaches are about targeting and educating your market about your products and services with the ultimate aim of making a sale.

Engagement marketing is a much more interactive approach. It encourages your clients and potential customers to communicate directly with you to share their thoughts, comments, reviews and recommendations.

By doing this you can better shape your products and services to meet their needs, you can improve your and content and delivery based on their feedback, you can help drive more interest in your business and ultimately generate more sales.

As it is so quick and easy for people to share their views through Facebook or Twitter or other social media sites it makes sense to directly engage with new and existing clients as potential opinion formers and advocates of your business.

So how do you make it happen? Well to some extent I am sure you do this already in your business but maybe you don’t have a planned approach.

To get you started here are three tips to help you develop your own engagement marketing strategy.

1. Take a step back and review what it is like to be a client of YOUR own business! We are often so embedded in what we do that it is easy to lose sight of what our own clients feel about the whole experience. Simple things such as the language you use in your emails, your voice messages and your response times can send a signal about how you connect and communicate with your clients.

2. When you examine each stage of your customer’s experience from the first to last point of contact you can start to work out ways in which you can enhance, develop and maintain that relationship with them. For example, offering an opt in choice of how best to stay in touch and communicate with them whether via phone, face to face, email, social media or direct mail can encourage more subscriptions to your services and ways to stay in touch, as long as you maintain this with relevant content and exclusive or special offers.

3. Make it easy for clients to start participating with you and your business by inviting them to share their views and opinions. This can range from sending out surveys, speaking to them directly, inviting comments on your blog or videos or starting a discussion topic on a forum or social media site. You can also host events such as in person taster sessions, teleclasses and webinars followed by a question and answer session so that you can better understand your clients’ needs and concerns while giving them the chance to get to know you.

The most important point of engagement marketing is that you are opening the doors to more involvement with your clients and potential clients. With this in mind it’s vital that you value and respect their opinions and that you make them feel welcomed, acknowledged and encouraged.

Oh… and don’t be afraid of negative comments because at least you get to hear about them and can take action to change and improve the situation!

5 Best Profitable Mobile Marketing for Business Strategies

A competitive edge is what businesses are looking for in today’s market. This is where mobile marketing for business comes in. Mobile marketing is an essential tool especially when you are looking to drive traffic to your online business site.

Getting your traffic Share

There are several modes of operation of mobile marketing for business. These include click to call, click to map, and SMS texting and push notifications. By integrating mobile technology into your site, you not only reach your clients more quickly but you also get to more people faster than any other marketing method and at a fraction of the huge cost encountered when you use other marketing strategies.

1. Click to Call

Click to call is more or less the integration of a call button on your site page. This call button allows customers to call you from anywhere in the world. The click to call button can also be a gateway to chatting online or texting one on one with the interested client. It is a great way of promoting products or the services that you provide in real time. Click to call works two ways. The client can either request a call from the company or call the company through a number that is usually present on the web page.

Click to call has another more engaging feature called the video chat. This feature enables you to see the person you are chatting with and some advanced chatting systems will allow you to navigate the web page with the client and co-fill the required fields. An advantage of video chatting is the real time rapport that is created with the client when they enquire about your products or services. Probably the most notable feature of CTC, or click to call, is the accuracy in getting the required target group to better know what to expect from your business.

2. Click to Map

CTM, OR Click to map is a marketing strategy that employs software targeted at mobile users which aids in the creation of maps quickly and easily. Mapping is a great way of advertising the location of your physical business. It shows the exact location of your business and any other branches that your business has. In this way, your customers can locate your business without having to ask for directions, which may in turn make several, would be customers to ignore the seeming hassle.

3. SMS Text Messaging

SMS text messaging gives you the platform of interacting with your customers from your virtual office directly to their phones. By sending a short code to the willing customers, you acquire their cell number and it is automatically stored in your system database. The database storage system comes integrated into the software used for mobile advertising. SMS’s advertise directly to your target audience. About 100 million SMS’s per month are said to be sent out to potential clients in the European market alone in the attempt to advertise.

4. Push Notifications

Push notifications work like SMS but since it makes use of internet bandwidth, it is a free tool in mobile marketing business. It is cost effective but the disadvantage is that the end-user has the option of turning the application off. This will bar any future notifications from reaching him. Such notifications are turned off because they tend to interfere with activities that the phone user was using thus coming off as a nuisance when they are only an attempt at advertising.

5. QR Codes

These are codes sent to mobile operators from the internet. They come in handy because they have the potential of tracking sources that are offline in just the same way that they help analyze the tracking data on the online platforms.

Because of its property of user-controlled advertising, the consumer does not find it bothersome to receive texts on an occasional basis from the advertising company. This is because the interaction is initialed by the user and he can decide not to receive any more ads anytime he so chooses.

Mobile marketing for business is a niche in online marketing that has allowed millions of potential clients, access to products and services that would have otherwise been difficult to locate or find. Mobile marketing for business comes with the promise of getting a good targeted mobile to your place of business.