Direct Marketing With Landing Pages – Why You Should Consider Using Them

Landing pages versus general website searching has been an ongoing debate in our monthly business luncheons for a long time now. A landing page becomes a marketer’s tool for lead conversion say its proponents. This is not your regular website. Simply put, a landing page is designed for one specific purpose: to persuade a website visitor to take immediate action.The Oak Hill Business Leadership Group meets to share information and ideas on ways to increase profits in our little corner of heaven we call home. As with any other team we debate the pros and cons of the subjects we talk about. This month we all listened to George Jenkins talk about his experience with landing pages as part of a direct marketing campaign.George owns Oak Hill Home Constructors. If you need a new roof, fence, windows or addition to your home George is the man to call. Because he does offer a myriad of services his website is full of information. He knows that today people are more apt to go to your website to get more information than to call you on the phone. If your company does not have a website, then… we will not get into that scenario right now. Suffice to say if your company does not have a website then your chances of any kind of real growth is going to be substantially limited. It IS the 21st century after all.But I digress. Oak Hill Home Constructors has a great website where the home page talks about the company in general terms and offers links to other pages for more specific information. George found it annoying and time consuming to be constantly changing his home page when he had something special he wanted to promote. He chose instead to create a landing page along with his direct mail marketing to attract potential clients and it worked.Last month George wanted to advertise a roofing special. After purchasing a list of homeowners whose property is 15 years old or more he designed a postcard that “teased” the recipient. The tease directed the prospect to a landing page where George had more information about the special and a form link to get a free cost analysis. Instead of having the postcard recipient going to their general website, Oak Hill Home Constructors was able to focus the marketing on one particular place thanks to using a landing page.Here is what George learned in the process.A conventional landing page will be a one page website. It will have a very meaningful headline which should grab the visitor’s attention immediately. It typically has one or more “hero’ images, but the design must be secondary to the messaging, as this will instruct your visitor in what you want them to do. ¬†You do not want the design elements to distract from the messaging.Normally there is no navigation off of the page including to your website. One of the most important elements is the opt-in form. This can be very simple with first name and email or it can have much more information requested. Be careful though. Remember that the more information you request before the final sale, the more people will tend to walk away without completing the transaction.A landing page is the marketer’s tool for lead conversion. Whether that action is to sign up for a mailing list, order a product, or download a free report, a well-designed landing page can mean the difference between hundreds (or even thousands) of “action-takers” or merely a handful. Driving traffic to your landing page is only one small part of the conversion process. Once a visitor arrives at your site, make sure to let your copywriting skills shine.Then sit back and watch the conversions flow!After hearing about George’s success we all agreed using a landing page along with direct mail marketing was something we are all going to try in the future.Have you seen success with landing pages too?

Writing Tips For Article Marketing

Online article marketing has become a very popular marketing technique. But many newcomers are wondering why their articles are often not producing any results. In most cases it is because they are not observing some of the most fundamental rules for article marketing writing. The following is a concise list of points you need to take into account when writing for article marketing.

First, it is clear that in order to direct a lot of traffic to the landing page of your website, you will need to write a lot of articles. The more you have unique articles related to the product or service you are promoting, the more people will have a chance to stumble upon these articles when they search for the associated keyword in Google. Uniqueness of the article is very important for article marketing, as Google could penalize duplicate articles.

Second, your article should have a structure. It should have a title, an introduction, a few content paragraphs, and a conclusion. A successful text for article marketing should have about 500 words. Articles that are too short will not appear as very serious, where as very long articles will discourage people from reading them until the end where you usually drop your the link to your website.

Third, for article marketing campaigns to be successful, each article you write should be based on a targeted keyword phrase. For example, if someone is looking for information on training poodles, he might use the keyword “how to train poodles” to search in Google. You should make sure your candidate keyword gets enough traffic and that competition from other websites targeting the same keyword is not too high. You should be using the keyword in the title of the article, in the introduction, in the conclusion, and within the body of the article. The keyword usage should represent about 2% of all the words in the article. Also wording your title in the form of a question evoking a solution to a particular problem could be a good way to retain the attention of the reader.

Fourth, your article should be easy and fun to read. If the reader wanted to find a formal, complicated and boring description of what he is looking for, he would have searched Wikipedia or other similar websites. You should keep in mind that if you were searching for something on the web you would probably type in something simple, clear and direct describing what you are searching, and you would hope for a simple, clear, direct, interesting, relevant and concise response. Some humor would not hurt either. A good guideline to get your readers to relate much easier to your article content is writing as though you were talking to a friend or member of your family. Writing in the first person (using term such “I” and “myself”, etc.) would also help achieve that.

Finally, you will need to include into your article the link to your website or the direct link to the merchant of the product or service you are promoting, if the directory you are submitting to allows it.

Make sure that the keyword is used in the link anchor, and try to word the anchor in a way that arouses the curiosity of the reader. It is also good practice to insert the link a second time if the directory allows it, using the “” form, so that if the article is copied the link address does not get lost.

Following the above recommendations you will find that they are indeed very beneficial for article marketing as they will surely help your articles contribute to the success of your online marketing campaigns.

The Five Keys To Handling Fear In Network Marketing

Here are the five keys to handling fear in a direct sales, or network marketing business.

1. People’s fear has nothing to do with this type of business. Some people are afraid in general. They carry their fear around like a badge. It may have to do with change, security, self-doubt, money and just life in general. Maybe their fear comes up in a discussion about starting a business like this because it represents something new. It is important to remember that people’s fear is often a pre-existing condition. You did not cause them to be afraid. You simply bumped into it.

2. Maybe people are afraid of network marketing taking over their lives. The only people who put a lot of time into their direct sales business do it by choice. The business has no power of its own. The amount of time someone puts into the business is determined by his or her goals.

3. Some people are afraid that getting involved in this type of business precludes other opportunities. This is especially true when one spouse wants another spouse to get a regular job. Not only does it not preclude having another job, it can also finance other personal and work-related activities. Having a regular job can be a great adjunct to being a rep for a direct sales company because the distributor then gets to interact with more people.

4. It is true that “old school” network marketing put friendships and family relationships at risk. This was because of some now outdated business practices. Fortunately, in this more contemporary business climate, relationships are honored in such a way as to render a fear in this department no longer relevant.

5. For people who are afraid of not making money, the responsibility is really their own. The people who make money treat their business like a business. People who dabble, who put in inconsistent effort, who do not acquire the skills usually do not make any money. Again, people are in control. Compared with other businesses, which often have much more exposure and potential financial risk, here there is so much to gain and so little to lose.

Let’s break down what this business is as a further attempt to dismantle the fear. Being a distributor for a network marketing company means being a spokesperson who recommends a company’s products and services to others. The company pays its distributors who sell to their customers. Many companies allow distributors to recruit others who are part of their organization. This sounds like such a great deal to me, that, frankly speaking, and knowing what I know, I might be afraid not to get involved in an opportunity like this!