How Direct Mail Marketing Brings a Personal Touch to Your Business

It seems like every time you turn around these days someone else is standing on a street corner screaming about how important it is to bring a personal touch to your business clients. Ironic, when you consider the fact that the anonymity of corporate America has ruled the seas for years. Now, even big business is realizing how important it is to connect with their customers on a personal level using both direct sales and direct mail marketing rather than relying on mass marketing and luck to keep them afloat.How “Old School” Used to Do ItSomehow, the phrase “kicking it old school” hasn’t gone out of style. It may, however, if businesses continue trying to develop a personal connection with their neighbors the old fashioned way! See, once upon a time, if you wanted to touch base with the guy down the street and see if you had something he might want all you had to do was strap on your walking boots. Businesses have come a long way since then!How long would it take you to personally meet, wine and dine every business owner in your area? A day? Two? The better part of the next year? The bottom line is, building your network “old school” simply isn’t practical anymore. Today’s business has to be savvy enough to make use of mass marketing methods while still maintaining a targeted marketing campaign and proving to their clientele that they’re the right choice for personalized service.Enter Your Direct Mail Marketing CampaignThere are plenty of people who say that the direct mail marketing campaign is dead. People get too much junk mail, you’re lucky to get a 10% customer response rate, etc., etc. It’s true that people get plenty of direct mail marketing materials in their mailboxes every single day of the week, and those numbers include your local businesses. What they’re not telling you is that companies whose direct mail marketing materials aren’t getting read are the ones that are out there doing it wrong!If a direct mail marketing piece landing in your mailbox with a catchy cover image and a hook on the front that spoke directly to you, wouldn’t you want to read it? Of course you would. Why? Because it’s something that was created especially for you.It’s not just another piece of junk mail. It’s something that was mailed by someone with your best interests in mind.If you can use the right content in your direct mail marketing pieces to make your customers think that, you’ve already got the tools you need to build an “old school” connection with a new breed of business.

Better Market Timing Increases Profit Potential

Trading the markets, whether it be the Stocks, Futures or FOREX, provides the opportunity to make profits by taking a position in the correction direction.

The idea is to buy low and sell high, either in that order or in reverse order (sell high, then buy it back low).

There are different time-frames in which one can trade from. You can day trade, where you only hold your position for a matter of minutes, perhaps hours, but rarely overnight. You can position trade, where you may hold positions for one or more days. Or you can be a longer-term trader, holding your positions for weeks or months.

The time frame one chooses to trade has a strong correlation to the degree of risk the trader is willing to be exposed to. For example, a day trader who only wants to capture quick short-term moves within the day will only want to risk a very small amount per trade, since this type of trader is only looking to capture small profit moves. The position trader who holds a position for a day to a few days may allow a little more risk exposure, since more profit is being expected. The same goes for long-term traders that hold a position for several weeks. With a much larger profit objective, this type of trader usually has a wider protective stop-loss for a higher risk exposure, in order to not get stopped out too early by the market’s normal swing behavior.

While the time-frame one chooses to trade has a direct correlation to profit potential and risk exposure, so does Market Timing methods.

Consider the following example of a position trader:

The position trader is looking to catch a new move usually based on the daily chart. This trader believes that the market will likely move higher real soon and has the potential to rise for several days. The market timing method used by this trader often sees the market already two or three days into the move before getting the signal to enter. Because of this, the trader usually will put the initial protective stop just below the start of the new move. Due to the lagging nature of the timing indicators used, that can be a substantial risk exposure and would require a profit objective that exceeds the risk based on the winning ratio of the method used. In other words, if the timing method has an accuracy of 50% of producing good timing, the profit objective needs to be greater than the risk exposure to come out ahead over time. Yet, the more lag in the market timing approach, the lower the percentage of catching good trades enough profit to more than cover the risk exposure. Even a timing method that had a lot of lead time would expose the trader to higher risk because the market would still be moving against your position for a period of time before it turned as anticipate by the lead indicator (if it turns, that is).

Now consider what would happen if you had a timing method that had very little lead or lag time. The trader, having confidence in the timing method being very tight (the turn occurs soon of the signal), would not have to put on a large stop-loss because the turn is expected to occur right away. This drastically lowers risk exposure. In addition, this would increase the profit potential because the trader can now get into the trade as soon as the turn is occurring rather than waiting for late signal where the move is two or more days already in progress.

It should be clear by these two examples how important Market Timing really is. While it is true that you should have good money and risk management, the ability to act on your signals when you get them, Market Timing makes all these other things much better. Better Market Timing means higher confidence, which goes well toward trader psychology. It lowers risk, making risk and money management better. It allows for the potential to catch more of the move, which goes toward greater profit opportunities.

As a professional Market Analyst for two decades now, I’ve seen all sorts of different Market Timing methods. There are many approaches to Market Timing, and I personally have a lot of respect for a number of tools used for this purpose.

When it comes to indicators, I have found that the oscillator types such as the Stochastic and MACD provide useful insight into the ebb and flow of price action. You may catch a few moves as soon as they start, but you will also be too early or late on many as well. Use them to get a good handle on DIRECTION and DURATION. Moving averages help in getting an overall feel for trend, but they lag and in my opinion are not precise enough for precision market timing. What I have found to be best for Market Timing, and should be used in conjunction with oscillators for DIRECTION, are what I call “turn dates”. You can calculate basic turn dates using Fibonacci ratios, or you can do so using Gann counts. There are several methods that the trader can employ for anticipating the day that a bottom or top will occur. Once you find an approach that has a high degree of accuracy based on your own testing of it, you are well on your way to trading with LESS RISK and HIGHER PROFIT POTENTIAL than if you just rely on leading and lagging indicators, chart patterns, or simple support/resistance calculations.

Tips For Making Online Marketing Work For You

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On the internet, marketing your products and services online is a tough thing to do. This is especially true if you’re a beginner. But you shouldn’t let your lack of sales and profits thwart your efforts. A lot of the top online business owners will tell you that it took them YEARS to have the successful online business that they currently have. So it definitely takes time for things to go your way.

If you’re trying to make fast money online, you will need a heavy advertising budget. But if you’re just starting out and have limited advertising funds, don’t believe the hype. There are some people who will tell you that you can make money online without a website, without a product, without an email list, without traffic, heck… even without an internet connection. I’m being honest here!

You can’t believe these things though. If I were you, I would be focusing on how to market your business in a way that allows you to get targeted traffic to your website, and offering them something that will lead to a sale or lead to them signing up for your email newsletter. Both of these avenues are good.

If you’ve been marketing your business online for quite some time now and haven’t seen the results that you’ve been looking for, then it’s time to try something else. Sometimes when things get tough, you have to switch things up a bit to see if you can change your online business direction from “unprofitable”, to “profitable”.

One thing that you don’t want to do online is to practice brand advertising. This is a big no-no if you want to make more money in your business. Instead of using brand advertising, you should rely on using “direct response advertising” to get you the sales and profits that you are looking for.

What is direct response advertising? Well, it’s simply a more effective way to track and test your ads to see what is working, and what isn’t. Direct response advertising operates on the principle that you should be seeing rules NOW. This means you should be getting opt-in email subscribers now, you should be seeing sales now, or you should be seeing results as soon as you put together a brand new marketing campaign.

This is the best way to promote yourself and your website online. Leave brand advertising to the big businesses, and focus on getting results right away. Now I’m not suggesting that you should be trying to “get rich quick”… I’m saying that for every ad or campaign that you put out online, you should be seeing some results from it very quickly.

This is very important, and it’s very crucial to the operation of your online business. You can’t have the field of dreams mentality… whenever you run an ad or generate traffic to your website, make sure that people are taking the action that you want them to take soon after they visit your website.

If you want to have success in your online business, these are things that you absolutely need to know how to do. Take these tips to heart and see if you can make things work in your online business today.