The Five Keys To Handling Fear In Network Marketing

Here are the five keys to handling fear in a direct sales, or network marketing business.

1. People’s fear has nothing to do with this type of business. Some people are afraid in general. They carry their fear around like a badge. It may have to do with change, security, self-doubt, money and just life in general. Maybe their fear comes up in a discussion about starting a business like this because it represents something new. It is important to remember that people’s fear is often a pre-existing condition. You did not cause them to be afraid. You simply bumped into it.

2. Maybe people are afraid of network marketing taking over their lives. The only people who put a lot of time into their direct sales business do it by choice. The business has no power of its own. The amount of time someone puts into the business is determined by his or her goals.

3. Some people are afraid that getting involved in this type of business precludes other opportunities. This is especially true when one spouse wants another spouse to get a regular job. Not only does it not preclude having another job, it can also finance other personal and work-related activities. Having a regular job can be a great adjunct to being a rep for a direct sales company because the distributor then gets to interact with more people.

4. It is true that “old school” network marketing put friendships and family relationships at risk. This was because of some now outdated business practices. Fortunately, in this more contemporary business climate, relationships are honored in such a way as to render a fear in this department no longer relevant.

5. For people who are afraid of not making money, the responsibility is really their own. The people who make money treat their business like a business. People who dabble, who put in inconsistent effort, who do not acquire the skills usually do not make any money. Again, people are in control. Compared with other businesses, which often have much more exposure and potential financial risk, here there is so much to gain and so little to lose.

Let’s break down what this business is as a further attempt to dismantle the fear. Being a distributor for a network marketing company means being a spokesperson who recommends a company’s products and services to others. The company pays its distributors who sell to their customers. Many companies allow distributors to recruit others who are part of their organization. This sounds like such a great deal to me, that, frankly speaking, and knowing what I know, I might be afraid not to get involved in an opportunity like this!